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Recycling Program

Hanover High School has a student run recycling program with bins located throughout the classrooms and hallways. Students bring the recycling bins each Thursday during common ground from their classrooms to the recycling dumpster, where one common ground sorts through the bins and empties them.

Every fourth year, the Environmental Club organizes a "Trash On The Lawn Day" (TOTL), in which one days worth of the school's trash and recycling is spread out on a tarp in front of the school. Students from each science class visit the event and help sort out of the trash that should have been composted and recycled. The Environmental Club continues to work toward educating the HHS community on the importance of separating recyclable and compostable food scraps in an effort to close our waste loop. Students have created video's, and visited common grounds and the 9th grade social studies classes to explain what is recyclable or compostable at HHS. Below is data collected by students from previous TOTL events. Our next TOTL Day is scheduled for April 2020.

Trash on Lawn