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Compost Program

compostcertificateHanover High School is working toward developing regenerative systems that improve the health of the ecosystems upon which humans depend. Our compost program is one example of this effort in which the nutrients in food waste are used to improve soil quality rather than being disposed of in a landfill. We currently have buckets in 32 classrooms around the school since students often eat lunch during class rather than in a cafeteria. Student volunteers collect compost in paper bag lined bins, replace the paper bags, and then place the food scraps and paper bag in totes biweekly. Grow Compost of Vermont collects the compost and turn it into a valuable soil amendment. It is very important to compost as it keeps soil nutrients in a cycle. In order to grow our food, phosphorus is an absolutely necessary element. Currently, phosphorus is mined from the ground to get this vital element. During the compost process, the food scraps break down and the soil amendment returns the phosphorus to the soil reducing the need for more phosphorus mining. HHS prevented 17,200 lbs of food scraps from going to the landfill during 2018 as shown in the certificate below from Grow Compost of Vermont.