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Evaluation of Certified Staff



The key purposes of teacher and certified staff evaluation are (a) to improve instruction through professional growth; (b) enhance administrative management; (c) document bases for individual contract decisions and awarding of step and base increases; (d) recognize noteworthy performance; and (e) provide guidelines for remediation as needed.

To achieve these goals, the Dresden Board endorses and supports the evaluation processes for Richmond Middle School and Hanover High School described in regulation GCO-R, which incorporates annual goal-setting based on self- evaluation, improving student outcomes, fulfilling individual professional development plans, and a written evaluative assessment feedback from their immediate supervisor. The evaluation process is designed to ensure that teachers meet the general expectations outlined in the “SAU 70 Standards of Best Practice” (Exhibit GCO-E). In completing the Final Staff Evaluation (GCO-E-3), administrators may also use solicited or unsolicited opinions from staff, students and parents, any informal classroom observations, and feedback from peer supervision.

By March 1 of each year, the Principal will conduct a mid-year evaluation of certified personnel (GCO-E-1) and provide the Board with a formal letter of recommendation for any certified employee being nominated for renewal onto continuing contract in the current year and a confidential summary profile of all other non-continuing contract teachers. The formal letter of recommendation will include a summary of the nominee’s professional history, a summary of their evaluations and specific achievements of note.

Between April 1 and April 30, the teacher will submit an End-of-Year Self- Evaluation Report (GCO-E-2) to the Principal in advance of a goal review/ summative. The Self-Evaluation Report will describe progress made toward the teacher’s measurable annual goals and will also include the teacher’s personal assessment of his/her performance in the eight performance factors listed on Form GCO-E-2.

By June 30 of each year, the Principal will submit to the Superintendent a Final Staff Evaluation (GCO-E-3) for each teacher. This report will provide a recommendation regarding the extension of the teacher’s contract, an update on progress toward his or her measurable professional growth goal(s), and an update on his or her performance on the eight broad categories derived from the SAU 70 Standards of Best Practice. The Principal will also notify the Superintendent in writing of any teacher who does not meet standards to receive base and step pay increases.

At the earliest meeting of each fiscal year, the Superintendent will provide written certification to the Board that each professional staff member has received a Principal’s Final Staff Evaluation in accordance with GCO-R.

Note: Accompanying this policy is regulation GCO-R and the evaluation forms (also referred to as “exhibits”): GCO-E: SAU 70 Standards of Best Practice GCO-E-1: Mid-Year Evaluation Status Report (by the Principal or designee) GCO-E-2: End of Year Self-Evaluation Update (by the staff member) GCO-E-3: Final Staff Evaluation (by the Principal or designee)

Dresden School Board
Adopted: 22 August 1972
Revised: 22 April 1974, 20 June 2006, 14 June 2011, 18 December 2012

Recoded from GBI to GCO 12 May 2010