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Mandated Reporting

Reporting Suspected Child Abuse and Neglect: Guidelines for High School Personnel

REV. August 2006
Regulation: JG

These guidelines are to assist school employees in complying with state laws and with administrative regulation. In cases of suspected child abuse or neglect, both NH and VT law consider teachers to be mandated reporters. Any teacher or school employee is required to notify the Principal or Principal’s designee(s).

If a student tells you he/she has been physically or sexually abused, or if you suspect abuse or neglect, it is important to respond immediately. You will contact one of the school-designated persons listed below.

Designated School Personnel
Christopher Seibel, Student Assistance Counselor

Work 643-3431 ext 2112
Cell 398-2000

HHS Counseling Department 643-3431 ext 2106
Andrea Johnstone, Tom Eberhardt, Laurie Harrington, Elizabeth Keene, Devon Voake, Wendy Kares

1. To make a report, call the designated agency of the state in which the student resides, as well as the agency of the state where the offense took place.

New Hampshire


Division for Children, Youth & Families (DCYF)

Social & Services (SRS)

Hours: 8-4:30

Hours: 7:30 to 4:30; on call after 4:30

Telephone 1-800-894-5533

Telephone: 1-800-649-5285

After 4:30 call 1-800-852-3388

In an emergency, call Police 643-2222

2. An intake worker will ask you to give the following information:

  • Name, address, age and sex of student;
  • Name and address of parent or caretaker, their home and work phone numbers;
  • Name and address of the person allegedly responsible for the abuse/neglect, if known;
  • Nature and extent of injuries or description of neglect;
  • Name of siblings who may be in danger and schools they attend;
  • Name of witnesses, if known;
  • Any indication that the student may be in imminent danger.
3. The state agency will assess the severity of the reported abuse/neglect and whether to investigate. If the decision is to investigate, the agency also determines when and where to interview the student and whether to include the family.

4. If an immediate intervention will take place, safeguard the child until the state worker, or person designated by the state, assumes control if the child.

5. If the child refuses to go home because of allegations of abuse or neglect, or if you believe the child is in danger and the state agency will not respond immediately, contact one of the school personnel listed above.

6. Call Mr. Campbell (603-252-1004) or Ms. Stevenson (802-384-8212) if a school designee is not available, or call the Hanover Police (643-2222). NOTE: It is not your responsibility to house the child or to make alternative housing arrangements. In an emergency, i.e. the child is in imminent danger; the police are empowered to take a child into protective custody.

7. The DCYF or SRS worker may need to interview the child at school and, by law, may do so at least once without parental consent or knowledge. Please cooperate fully with the worker’s investigation.

8. Vermont and NH have different procedures regarding notification of parents. The school is not responsible for notifying parents. It is advisable, however, to raise this question with the agency worker.

9. ONCE A REPORT HAS BEEN MADE, the Principal or Dean of Students wishes to be informed.

10. If the state agency is not being responsive to your report, you should feel free to contact the agency to express your concern.