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At the Beginning of a Course:

  • All books must be signed out by # and Title. Please use a separate sign-out sheet for each set of books. The book # should begin with the year of purchase, e.g. 02-1.
  • The condition of the book will be recorded as follows: N = New E = Excellent G = Good F = Fair P = Poor
  • The teacher will list the names of students, book numbers and letter indicating condition of the book. Additional descriptive can be entered next to the letter.
  • The student will initial the sign-out sheet, thereby agreeing to the condition and also agreeing to pay the replacement cost if the book is lost or damaged so that it needs to be replaced.
  • Teachers may require students to cover books (the paper bag method is acceptable).

At the End of Course:
  • The teacher collects books and indicates the condition of each book with the student. The student will initial agreement or appeal the judgment to the administration.
  • Fees for replacement books are entered into PowerSchool by department educational assistants.
  • All payments are made to the Admin. Assistant in the Main Office and are credited to individual departments.
  • If a students owes $100 or more their portal access will be disabled until the fee(s) is resolved.
  • Seniors should be cautioned that students with outstanding book bills might not receive a diploma. They may receive their diploma upon payment of the bill.
  • All claims regarding mistakes in record keeping will be referred to the teacher. If the teacher verifies that the debt is still valid, the Dean of Students will settle any further dispute.

Full replacement costs are charged for lost or unusable books.