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Student Concern Information Flow

All Staff for All Students (Gen Ed, SpEd, Supervised Study/Academic Advising (SS/AA), Weekly Academic Advising)

If you have academic or mental health concerns about a student, please contact their counselor.

Academic Progress/Mental Health Concerns

  • Counselor: will collect information from teachers, parents, student and do the primary level of Triage Management through Gen Ed Supports including Supervised Study, Weekly Academic Advising, 504, referral to Chris or Tom

Physical Health Concerns

  • Nurses: will collect info from teachers, parents, student, medical professionals and implement a plan that may include a 504 plan

Request for Assistance

  • When there is growing concern OR student is returning to school after hospitalization OR student has a major concussion
  • Request for Assistance form filled out by Counselor
  • Brought to Pupil Service Team (PST)
  • PST will determine what level of support is need next
  • Info will be tracked on Request for Assistance form

Response to Need (RTN)

  • More comprehensive Case Management
  • RTN Academic Case Manager (Amy), Nurses, School Mental Health Staff (Chris and Tom) put together a plan to address the student’s needs
  • Academic Case Manager works with teachers and department coordinators to determine the best plan to get the student back on track academically and works with student to complete this plan (attempt for minimal disruption to student schedule/ course load)
  • Nurses/Mental Health Staff meet regularly with student to monitor physical/mental progress. Communicate with outside professionals
  • Counselors check in with the student on a regular basis to maintain connection
  • If the student is still in need of this level of support after 9 weeks the team will re-evaluate programming

Special Ed

There is need for specially designed instruction due to a disability.