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HHS Teacher Expectations and Responsibilities

Faculty Responsibility to Assume Supervision Role

It is the expectation of the school administration that all faculty members will assume general supervision responsibilities in classrooms, corridors, social areas (both inside and outside the school), during activities, and on school transportation (to and from field trips and during activities away from the school). To list every possible situation where adult supervision and intervention might be necessary would be unwieldy. General guidelines include any situation where a student might be involved in damage or destruction of property; any situation where a student’s behavior could be interpreted reasonably to be disrespectful to any other person or persons or bring embarrassment to another person or persons; and any situation that might be interpreted reasonably as infringing upon a sense of integrity as related to the institution of Hanover High School or the Dresden School District. It is the expectation of the administration that adult faculty members will intervene as situations dictate to counsel students regarding behavior, to cause a student who has misbehaved to take steps to correct any situation which can be easily corrected, to report any incident to the administration at the first opportunity, and to work closely with the administration in following up any such reports

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