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Weekly Announcements


Dear HHS Community,

I think all high school principals struggle with holding dances; I certainly do. Unfortunately, a small number of students (often a very small number) will make poor choices at dances that they do not at other school functions. Further complicating things is the fact that all popular music contains explicit language. Even further complicating things is the current style of dance - where everyone packs together in one knot - which makes it extraordinarily difficult to adequately supervise. Yet I don’t see the ‘Footloose’ (old movie reference) model as the best way forward. I want our students to have the opportunity to socialize with their friends and to have a good time in a supervised environment.

So, I do want us to offer dances and I think our entire community - students, staff and parents - needs to work together to make sure our dances are events that represent the values we hold. A few ideas that come to mind for future dances:

  • Invite parents to serve as chaperones along with staff. Having a range of adults present, ideally fully in the mix on the dance floor is critically important.
  • Offer theme dances - 70’s, 80’s, etc - where the music and dress is consistent with the theme.
  • Offer dances where we teach dance. We could, provided we could find instructors, arrange to have a ballroom dance.

I recognize that none of these ideas will be immediately popular. But, I hope, that will encouragement from all corners of our community we can keep offering dances that are enjoyable and safe. I will be sure to reach out to our parent community in advance of the next dance for ideas, chaperones, etc.

I hope you have a great weekend,

Justin M. Campbell
Hanover High School

HELLO, DOLLY! All info packets and sign-up sheets are in the Music Department office. Audition workshops are on February 5 and 6. Dance Auditions are February 7 and Acting/Singing Auditions are February 8.

TABLE TALK: a weekly message from the 9th/10th grade counseling team to prime the pump for a discussion with your child at the dinner table or on car rides. Topics range from what is being discussed in school to current events.

Is multitasking a myth? Now there is a fun, quick test to learn about “switchtasking”. The results of this test may encourage your child to shut down social media while studying!

Wendy Kares, Elizabeth Keene, and Chris Seibel
9th/10th grade counseling team

As students think about registering for next year’s classes, here’s an elective to consider. -- This Leadership course, for juniors and seniors, will be taught by Ms. Guarino (Ms. G)

CR: ½ -- Grade: 11th- 12th

When you think of a great leader, whose name comes to mind? What characteristics do effective leaders possess? Do you want to explore and improve your own personal skills, or develop the skills necessary to become a leader? What are your strengths? What are you passionate about? What vision guides your life and decisions? What is your purpose in life? Do you want to be a part of making positive change happen?

In this course, these are some of the important questions that will be explored. The perspective will be from a mindful and compassionate leadership model, which embodies focus, clarity, insight and creativity. The course is for students who are motivated to learn with an open mind and positive attitude, and who are able to work independently and cooperatively on a variety of tasks and projects.

Dartmouth SIAM (Society of Industrial and Applied Mathematics), is hosting a panel on careers in applied mathematics, with a focus on data science, on Tuesday, February 6th at Haldeman 125, Dartmouth College from 4:30-5:30pm. See Mrs. King for more information.

Do you have fleece, blankets, comforters and/or flannel sheets (full size or larger) that you no longer need? The March Intensive that is working with the Lutheran Church to make quilts for disaster relief is in desperate need of these items to use as filler for the quilts. We are also looking for lengths of new cotton fabric for use in backing.

You may drop items off at the high school or contact Jeanine King (jeanine.king@dresden.us) to arrange for pick up.

Internship announcement for Hanover High School Juniors:

The Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory (CRREL) is proud to sponsor the Science and Engineering Apprenticeship Program (SEAP) to provide a unique opportunity to area high-school JUNIORS with an aptitude for math and science.

Each school can submit a maximum of three applications. Please see Mrs. King or Mr. Hermanson for more information.

Host Families Needed

Hanover-Joigny Exchange Committee is looking for host families for 3 high school boys from Joigny, France from April 6-April 21. During those two weeks Hanover families will be hosting a total of 12 French students; we are sending 9 Hanover students to Joigny, France in early July.

The Committee is planning the two-week itinerary; during the first week activities for the French students will be arranged through the end of each school day. HHS's Spring Break is the second week of the Joigny students’ visit; the students will have a few group activities planned, and would also welcome opportunities to just spend time with their host families, attend their host students' sports practices or events, or to travel with their host families. Hosts do not need to know French; the visiting students understand and speak English well, and are excited to be part of this 15-year exchange. Hosting students helps foster lifelong, cross-cultural friendships, and host students and families are often surprised how rewarding the experience is -- please contact Lizann Peyton at 802.738.3544, or lizann.peyton@valley.net if you would like to host!


Congratulations to Hanover High School head boys ice hockey coach, Dick Dodds. Coach Dodds won his 500th coaching victory at the helm of the HHS boys ice hockey team on Sat. 1/27/18 vs Trinity High School.

Congratulations to Hanover High School girls alpine ski team. HHS girls alpine team won the Division II Southern NH alpine championship meet on Fri. 1/26/18 at Mt. Sunapee.

Juniors: All juniors have been signed up to take the SAT without the optional essay on March 21st, as per state testing requirements.

  • Some colleges do require the essay for admission: See the list here for colleges that currently require or recommend the essay.
  • If you anticipate applying to one of these colleges you may want to add the essay to the March 21st test. It will cost $14 and you will need to register by February 9th with the College Board. Please see here for instructions.

AP Test Registration begins on Monday, February 5th and will run through Tuesday, March 19. Students should see Alison Rose in the Counseling Office to register. Each test costs $95 and must be paid in full at the time of registration. Make checks payable to “Hanover High School – AP Exams.” Fee waivers are available for students with financial need. If, for any reason, a student does not take the AP exam(s) they have registered for, there is a $25 fee for each exam not taken. The student must request a refund of $70 through Alison Rose. AP Exams will begin on Monday, May 7 and end on Friday, May 18. Absolute Registration Deadline is close of school Tuesday, March 19– no exceptions.

This year junior, Caleb Benjamin is chronicling the weekly Council meetings in great detail, catching nuances and highlighting key moments - I encourage you to read up ! http://broadside.dresden.us/?p=6191

Kathy Marshall
Community member


Fri 2/2

Alpine Skiing at Waterville Valley - 10:00 AM
V/JV Boys Basketball at Kearsarge - JV at 5:45 PM, Varsity at 7:15 PM
V/JV Girls Basketball host Kearsarge - JV at 5:30 PM, Varsity at 7:00 PM

Sat. 2/3

Nordic Skiing at Whittaker Woods - 10:00 AM
Freshman Boys Basketball vs Coe-Brown - 11:30 PM
Varsity Girls Ice Hockey at Austin Prep (MA) - 12:00 PM
Varsity Boys Ice Hockey at Manchester Central - 4:30 PM
JV Boys Ice Hockey at Kimball Union Academy - 4:30 PM

Sun. 2/4

Indoor Track in the Division II State Championships @ Dartmouth - 10:00 AM
Varsity Girls Ice Hockey vs Souhegan at Dartmouth - 10:30 AM

Hanover High School to Face Nute High School in Granite State Challenge Season Opener (DURHAM, January 26, 2018)

Tune in Saturday, February 3 at 6 pm as the Nute Rams butt heads with the Hanover Marauders in the 36th season opener of Granite State Challenge.

The Nute Rams will be represented by captain Liam Moses, Matt Curlee, Thomas Richards, and Michael Schmitz, as well as alternates Tyler Guptill and Troy Jacobs and coach Rob Qua. The Hanover Marauders will be represented by captain Hayden Smith, Jack Burnham, Simon Herron, and Sam Beliveau, with alternates Liam Szczepiorkowski and Oliver Minshall and coaches Gabe Brison-Trezise and Bill Murphy.

Save the Date: On Wednesday, April 4th at 5:30, Hanover High School will be hosting an event for students with disabilities and their parents to learn about navigating the college process and accessing support services once a student has been admitted to college. Ward Newmeyer, Director of Student Accessibility Services at Dartmouth College, will talk about rights for students with disabilities in the college setting and the process for accessing accommodations. This session will be most valuable for students in their junior and senior years.

MATH TEAMS DOMINATE: Congratulations to the Intermediate and Senior Math Teams as they competed quite well at yesterday’s Math Meet in the Twin State Math League held at Woodstock Union High School. The Intermediate Team scored a whopping 169 points (11 points short of a perfect meet), led by three high scorers, all with perfect scores, Hannah Chipman, Rose Luttmer, and Miriam Viazmenski, and helped by Meg Snyder, Justin Zhou, and Stephen Wang. The Senior Team also dominated, scoring 141 points. The team was led by high scorers Jasmine Lou (perfect score), Sarah Dunbar, Abby Feyrer, and Shaylee McBride, and helped by Eamon Worden, Suhan Gui, and Anika Jain. Our fourth and final meet will occur at Windsor Junior/Senior High School at the end of March. GO MARAUDERS!!!!
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