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Health Office



How It Works

  1. Concussion is diagnosed by a physician.  MD note is provided to HHS Health Office.
  2. Parent or athletic department notifies the HHS School Nurses.
  3. With parental consent to participate in Chalk Talk, the School Nurses inform teachers and     relevant staff members about the injury, and initiates the Return to Learn protocol.
  4. School Nurses assess your child’s symptoms on a daily basis at the start of each school day, and report back to parents and teachers which color phase of Return to Learn the student will be for that day.  Phase progression is determined by lessening concussion symptoms, as well as student input. 
  5. School Nurses will send an electronic BoWI (a simple “better or worse” form) to parents and teachers each day, to give feedback about how you/they think your child is doing with his/her progression.
  6. The student will progress through the Return To Learn color phases until completion.
  7. Once the student completes the Return to Learn protocol, the student is referred to the HHS Athletic Trainer to begin the gradual Return to Play protocol which may include Impact Testing (reviewed by Dr. Lichtenstein).
  8. Prior to returning to sports/Physical Education, the student must have an MD note stating they are ready to participate in sports.  The MD note is to be sent to HHS Health Office. It may also be FAX’d to (603)643-0661, ATTN: Health Office.

Please contact the Health Office if you have any questions.  (603) 643-3431 Ext 2125

The HHS School Nurses - Kathryn Bonyai, Candace Nattie & Lynn McRae




Kathryn Bonyai


Lynn McRae


Candace Nattie