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Support Services

Counselors are available on a drop-in basis and/or by appointment. Counselors meet with students and families around academic concerns, post high school planning, and personal issues. Counselors respond to individual students in crisis as well as situations affecting the entire school.
Counseling services are based on the three tenets:

  • Talking to a counselor is voluntary.
  • Except in cases of personal safety, what a student says is confidential.
  • The responsibility for solving a problem belongs to the student.

Support Services Staff

Tom Gamble PhD, Licensed Clinical Psychologist in New Hampshire and Vermont, Experienced Educator Certification - Department of Education - New Hampshire
Dr. Gamble is a member of the Special Education Department at the high school and also consults regularly with the Guidance Department, Dresden Plan, and classroom teachers. He may be available to meet with students (or parents) who are not provided with an individual education plan in consultation with the Guidance Department. Dr Gamble provides counseling, assessment and consultation services.

Chris Seibel M.Ed., LCMHC, MLDAC
Chris works full time within the Guidance Department. He is licensed both as a Clinical Mental Health Counselor and a Drug and Alcohol Counselor. He is available to meet with students and families around personal concerns affecting school performance as well as make referrals to other community resources. He also meets with students who are seeking support in their decision not to use alcohol and drugs. He is available through appointments or on a drop in basis.