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9th Grade Planning

Many of the major courses ninth graders take are either required or strongly recommended. A typical ninth grade program is outlined below with possible alternatives noted.

  • English: All ninth graders are required to take English 9.
  • Math: Most ninth graders would choose among Math Essentials, Introduction to Algebra, Algebra I, Geometry, and Geometry Honors after seeking advice of their 8th grade math teachers. More advanced math courses are possible if present math teachers so advise. A math placement test is required of all students.
  • Science: Ninth graders who plan to take Algebra I are permitted to take Methods in Science, but may find the course mathematically challenging and should plan to seek support as necessary. The recommended course for ninth graders who enroll in Geometry is Methods in Science. Ninth graders who will be taking a Introduction to Algebra are advised to enroll in General Methods in Science. Honors Methods works at an advanced pace, emphasizes mathematical analysis, and higher expectations in deeper exploration than Methods. Students eligible for Honors Geometry can enroll in Honors Methods and need a teacher recommendation.
  • Social Studies: All ninth graders are required to take Citizenship and World History.
  • Physical Education: Required for all ninth graders.
  • Computer Literacy: Digital portfolios that illustrate proficiency in new and evolving technology skills or a computer science will be required for graduation. Students may not be able to complete this requirement in their ninth grade year, but should include it in their four-year plan.
  • Keep in mind that you will need a total of 1 (one) credit in the Fine and Practical Arts (l/2 credit must be in Fine Arts) during four years of high school.
  • Students must understand that there are only 7 periods in the day in which to take courses and, therefore, should select no more than 7 courses including Physical Education. Many students choose to take 6. If a parent and student feel that a regularly scheduled lunch hour is important to a student’s day, a lunch hour can be scheduled periods 4 through 6.