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Academic Advising

Students choose courses with the advice of teachers and school counselors. The Counseling Department attempts to tailor students' programs to individual needs, desires, and aspirations. Registration for the following year takes place in February and March. Students usually receive a final course schedule in August.



During the registration process, Hanover High School students should carefully consider their course registration selections. Course drop-adds are possible. Students are not encouraged to change courses, however, except when a course is judged inappropriate in terms of achievement level or skills needed. To help control both the quantity and legitimacy of drop-adds the following policy is strictly followed:

  • All drop requests are handled through a counselor.
  • Student-initiated adds must be undertaken within the first five days of a semester. A course added after this period needs the approval of the counselor and the department coordinator.
  • All changes of course level must be approved by the department coordinator.
  • In the first semester, student-initiated drops may occur during the first four weeks of a course without consequences to a student’s record.
    NOTE #1: In the second semester, student-initiated drops may occur during the first four weeks of a course without consequences to a student’s record for semester-long courses only.
    NOTE #2: Students may not drop the second semester of full-year courses (see list) without penalty, as described under “Withdrawing” in item 5.

  • Any course dropped after the fourth week of the first semester will result in a WF (Withdrew Failing) in the student’s record and will be factored in the student’s GPA at a ½ credit, unless the drop is initiated by a teacher or counselor; in this case the record will indicate W (Withdrawn without penalty) and is not factored into the G.P.A. This rule also applies to semester long courses that begin the second semester.

Regarding any full-year course (see Program of Studies) that is dropped for the second semester. The student wilL receive the assigned grade and ½ credit for the first semester of the full-year course. The student will receive a “WF” for the second semester, which will be factored in the student’s GPA as a “0,” at a 1/2 credit.

A teacher or counselor may initiate a course drop only if they convinced that the student has been mistakenly enrolled in the wrong course and should be allowed to withdraw without penalty. Both the teacher and the counselor must agree about the appropriateness of dropping a course without penalty. Teacher or counselor initiated drops will not be allowed after the 10th week of a course. In cases of extended illness or special circumstances, the above limits may not apply. Decisions will be made on a case-by-case basis by the school administration.

Any course dropped by default (meaning that no drop-add procedure was used and the student simply stopped attending) will result in the student’s record showing a WF for the duration of the course that was neglected.

Typical Schedule by Grade