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Dear Parent/Guardian,

It is time to complete your child(ren)'s Annual Permission and Medical Forms. It is important that we have all of your correct contact, medical and permission information each year, so we ask that you confirm and update your child(ren)'s information annually.

You access these forms via the PowerSchool Parent Portal. Once logged into PowerSchool, you will complete the forms by clicking InfoSnap (this saves you from having to log in to more than once to access your child(ren)'s information and account(s)).

Follow the directions under the heading that best describes your situation.

Thank you!
SAU 70

Annual Permission and Medical Forms

I Completed These Forms Online Last Year

If you completed these forms for ANY of your children ONLINE last year, you already have a a PowerSchool Account and do not need to create one. Your PowerSchool login is for ALL of your children, not per child.

  1. Login into https://ps.dresden.us
  2. If you do not see one of your children's names on the account, you can add them at this time by going to: "Account Preferences" -> "Students" tab -> "Add"
  3. Once all of your children have been added, click on the "InfoSnap" button on the left for each child. Update and/or enter information as needed for each child.

If you are unable to access your account, but believe you have one, please contact helpdesk@hanovernorwichschools.org or call your child(ren)'s school.

We have the following information on file for <<First Name>> <<Last Name>>:
This student's Access ID is <<Web_ID>>
This student's Access Password is <<Web_Password>>

I Completed These Forms Online Last Year For One Child BUT I Did NOT Complete These Forms Last Year For ANOTHER Child

Follow the directions under "I Completed These Forms Online Last Year" and then if you have have additional children for whom you have NOT completed online forms last year, add them to this account by:

  1. Log in into https://ps.dresden.us
  2. "Account Preferences" -> "Students" tab -> "Add"
  3. Once all of your children have been added, click on the "Infosnap" button on the left for each child.
  4. Update and/or enter information as needed for each child.

If you need assistance or have questions please contact helpdesk@hanovernorwichschools.org or call your child(ren)'s school.

We have the following information on file for <<First Name>> <<Last Name>>:
This student's Access ID is <<Web_ID>>
This student's Access Password is <<Web_Password>>

I Did NOT Complete These Forms Online Last Year

If you DID NOT complete these forms ONLINE last year, you need to first create a PowerSchool Portal Account.

  1. Go to https://ps.dresden.us
  2. Click on the "Create Account" tab
  3. Click on the "Create Account" button
  4. Fill in your information at the top of the screen, including your desired username and password
  5. Fill in the full name of your student along with their Access ID and Password which you can find below. ***Note: both the Access ID and Password are case sensitive and you cannot copy and paste them, you must type them
  6. Select your relationship to the student (Mother, Father, etc)
  7. Click the "Enter" Button.
  8. Once all of your children have been added, click on the "Infosnap" button on the left for each child.
  9. Update and/or enter information as needed for each child.

If you need assistance or have questions please contact helpdesk@hanovernorwichschools.org or call your child(ren)'s school.

We have the following information on file for <<First Name>> <<Last Name>>:
This student's Access ID is <<Web_ID>>
This student's Access Password is <<Web_Password>>

I Am New To The District

In order to facilitate a smooth transition to our high school and provide the best academic program for your child, we ask that you follow the procedure outlined here:

Step 1:
Click here for the Pre-Registration form to start the enrollment process in our school for the 2017-2018 school year. If, you are planning on enrolling in our school for the current school year please email Stacey Smith If you need to pre-register for the 2018-2019 school year then you will need to access this Pre-Registration form

Step 2:
All records from the current school your child attends need to be sent to Hanover High School (attn: Stacey Smith, Registrar). If, you are enrolling for the next school year, your records need to be sent by the end of the school year.

Required records include:
  • Immunization/Health Records
  • Official Transcript from your school
  • Grades in progress
  • Former school course selections for current/upcoming year
  • Attendance record
  • Disciplinary record from your high school
  • Test data including Diagnostic Test Results and Psycho-educational Reports
  • SPED/504* records if applicable (include the name of your SPED/504 Coordinator)
*If your child has received, or is in the process of evaluation for Special Education and/or 504 services, your school's Special Education/504 Coordinator must contact the HHS Special Education Coordinator at 603-643-3431, ext. 2111.

Please contact Stacey Smith for any further questions regarding enrolling your child: (603) 643-3431, ext. 2107



My child is struggling in a course, what do I do?

If your child is struggling in a course the first step is for your child to meet with the teacher. If your child has met with the teacher and is still struggling, your child should schedule a meeting with his or her counselor. While parents are always welcome to contact teachers, we feel that it is important for students to speak directly with teachers first.

How do I check my child's grade?

The PowerSchool Portal is the official grade of record. You can view this grade by logging into your child's portal. Although some teachers may enter and/or grade in Schoology, the official grade of record is in PowerSchool as PowerSchool is where student transcripts are generated and GPA is calculated. If you're having trouble logging into your child's portal please email Help Desk.

How do I contact a teacher?

Check our website's directory for teacher contact information.

How do I get my child a tutor?

The Hanover/Dresden volunteer coordinator can help find local student tutors, or you can contact one of the local tutoring services.

How do I know if my child qualifies for academic services?

How do I know who my child's school counselor is?

Starting in 2017-18, there will be two school counselors dedicated to 9th & 10th graders and three school counselors dedicated to 11th & 12th graders. You can find the name of your child's school counselor in the portal.

How do I access my child's report card?

Hanover High School has an electronic report card. Report cards are usually available two weeks after the end of the quarter. Posting of report guards is announced in the Principal's Weekly. Report cards can be viewed in your child's portal.

What is the exam schedule ?

Exams are held twice a year at the end of 2nd and 4th quarters. Once finalized, the exam schedule is posted on the HHS homepage.

What library resources are available?

The library hours are 7:30-4:30 Monday-Friday. After hours, students have online access to research databases, online encyclopedias, research guides, citation generators, and audio books in the catalog. Passwords are required to access online sources when off-site. Students can find database passwords shared in their Google Drive under "Database Passwords." A few online subscriptions, such as NY Times access, is only available in the school building. Each HHS student can receive a Howe Library card which allows them access to Howe materials.

How do I see my child's course assignments?

Parents have access to Schoology which allows parents to view course materials. Teachers will post upcoming major assessments in their Schoology course calendar, but materials may be handed out in class or otherwise distributed to students. Daily homework may not always appear on Schoology course calendars.

What if my child needs to reschedule an exam?

A student who needs to reschedule an exam should contact their school counselor.

How do I know if my child made honor roll or high honor roll?

The Hanover High School honor roll is no longer is published in the newspaper. The honor roll is posted in the guidance office. In the PowerSchool Portal there is an icon on the left that allows parents and students to see which quarters a student has met the criteria for honor roll or high honor roll.

How do I sign my child up for the PSAT, SAT, ACT, AP?

As an alternative to Smarter Balance Testing, Hanover High School 11th graders take the PSAT in school in October and the SAT in school in April. The costs for these two tests are covered by the school. AP exams occur in early May. Students are responsible for the cost and must register with the College Board. HHS may not be able to offer all available AP exams and students may have to take exams at another site. Students taking the SAT additional times, the SAT II or ACT must register and pay online with the College Board.

How do I see my child's test scores?

PSAT scores are sent directly to Hanover High School. School counselors will meet with students to distribute their scores.
SAT (including the April in-school SAT), SAT II, ACT and AP scores can be accessed and viewed through the student's College Board online account that the student created when they registered for the test.

When will my child get their schedule?

Current Hanover High School students will receive their schedules in June. New students will not receive their schedules until fully registered as a student at Hanover High School.


Physical & Mental Health

My child has been diagnosed with a concussion by a doctor, what do I do?

Contact the nurse and the health office will help create a concussion plan for school and be the liason between families and teachers.
If your child plays sports and has a concussion contact the athletic director for information about the approval to play procedure.

I have a question about my child's health and whether they should come to school.

If your child has a fever of 100 degrees or more, please keep him/her home until he/she has been fever free (without medication) for at least 24 hours. For additional questions, contact the Health Office.

My child needs mobility assistance, how can they better navigate the school?

do we supply those annoying scooter things or did kids get those


My child has been diagnosed a physical or mental health condition, is there someone to notify and what are the resources?

My child is having interpersonal relationship issues, who can they talk to?

school counselor or our student assistance couselor chris seibel.

What if my child needs to have an extended absence?

If it is a health-related absence, contact school counselor. If it is a non health related extended absence, contact the main office.

What community resources are available for substance abuse?

If you have concerns about substance abuse, this guide can help connect you and your family with community resources. Click here for information about area support groups and substance misuse prevention.

Student Life

Why is my child's portal locked?

Any students who owes over $100 (for a parking ticket, unreturned book, cafeteria bill, etc), will have their portal locked.

How do I pay a fee?

To pay fee contact the main office.

Can my child bring their phone and/or personal computer to school?

Where do I pick-up/drop-off my child?

Student pick-up and drop-off is available along Lebanon Street between the entrance to Hovey Lane and the school bus parking.

How do I report an absence?

To report an absence, call 643-3431 x3535 and leave a message. The NH Dept. of Health requests at the start of the academic year that all schools track possible cases of the flu.
If your child is sick with the following symptoms, please report it to the front office when you phone to say your child will be absent.
  • Fever >100 degrees
  • Cough
  • Sore throat and a runny nose
  • Body aches or headache and fatigue
  • Sometimes nausea and diarrhea

How early and late can my child be in the school building?

Students can expect to have access to the building between 7am-5pm Monday-Friday. The Hanover High School library is supervised from 7:30am-4:30pm.

My child has had an academic integrity incident, what happens now?

If your child is involved in an academic integrity incident the student speaks with the teacher and the Dean of Students and parents of notified. Students can chose to take the base consequence outlined in the handbook, restorative practices, or can appeal to the Judiciary Committee.

What are ways I can participate in the school?

My child has been involved in a disciplinary action, what happens?

Students involved in a disciplinary incident meet with theDean of Students and something the Principal. Depending on the suveraty of the incident parents may or may not be contacted. The handbook outlines base reponses to disciplinary issues.

How does my child get lunch at school?

To inquire about Free & Reduced Lunch call the school nurse (and link to the form).

Can my child bring a car to school? Is there parking?

We do not have enough parking for every student to drive a car to school. Students wishing to park in our limited parking spaces must apply for a parking permit.
Students applying for a parking permit must have a valid license by the date of issue. All designated student spaces will be distributed in the following order of priority:

  • Hardship Students
  • Seniors (by lottery if spaces available)

Hardship parking is defined as a situation that is out of the control of the student. This burden would require a student to drive their vehicle to school in order to attend their classes on a daily basis. The following circumstances DO NOT apply for Hardship:

  • Extracurricular activities (before or after school)
  • Sports
  • Carpooling
  • Students that have access to bus routes

Hardship applicants should come with a letter from their family, signed by themselves and their guardians, stating their hardship. Acceptance of Hardship situations is at the discretion of the Dean of Students.

My child is having a problem with their school Chromebook, what do we do?

What is the dress code?

The following guidelines are to be encouraged while students are on school property during school hours:

  • Clothing that contains words or graphics referring to alcoholic beverages, illegal drugs, and tobacco should not be worn.
  • Clothing with obscene or sexual references in words or graphics should not be worn.
  • Students must wear sufficient clothing so that no bare skin or underwear is visible in the front or back of the torso from the upper chest to below the buttocks.
  • Footwear is required.

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