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Rules for Editing the Handbook

Any changes made to the Handbook must be approved by the Council and the school Administration.

Approval will be officially recorded on the Motion Approval Form (see below). The content section of the form (the top half) includes the name of the motion, the exact language of the motion approved by the Council, the date of its approval by the Council, and the signatures of the motion’s author, the Council Moderator and the Principal. Motion Approval Form

Once fully approved, the Dean and the Dean’s Assistant are authorized to edit the Handbook to reflect these changes and required to share the edited text for approval by the Dean, the Council Executive and a member of the Council Organizational Engineering Committee (OEC), or, in the summer, a member of the Council Leadership.

These three aforementioned parties then record their review and approval of the edits to the Handbook by signing the edit section of the Motion Approval Form (the bottom half). A copy is given to each signatory. If the motion necessitates an edit to the Bylaws, it is the Council Moderator, not the Dean, who is charged with reviewing and approving the edits. The Handbook is also reviewed and approved by the The Dresden School Board each year, usually in the spring.