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Webpage to Accessible Page

One of the difficulties in providing accessible access to documents/articles that are webpage is the page's formatting (i.e. ads, images, etc). You can use Chrome's "Distill Page" feature to make the page more readable. The first image below is an article from Time as it usually appears and the one below it is the same page distilled. 


Webpage with Ads

Webpage Distilled

Installing Distill Page

1. To Install Distill Page go to: chrome://flags/#enable-reader-mode

2. Open the dropdown and change the option to “Enabled,” then click the button at the bottom to relaunch your browser. Once it starts back up, Reader Mode is enabled.

 Enabling the Reader Mode flag

Enabling the Reader Mode flag


Using Distill Page

1. When you are on the page you want to distill, in Chrome, click the three dots at the top of the page and select distill page.

Image result for chrome distill page

2. Save the distilled page as a PDF by going to "File" "Print." Under destination, choose "Save as PDF."

Image result for save as pdf chrome

3. Open the PDF with Adobe DC

Adobe DC Icon

4. Choose "Enhance Scan" Enhanced Scan Icon  and "Recognize Text" 

Recognize Text Menu

5. Save, upload into Schoology or assign with Kami Assignment. 


Kami Assignments

Kami's new, streamlined Schoology integration allows Kami assignments to be created inside Schoology, distributed to students with each student getting their own copy of the file, and makes it easy for students to turn in their work when they are done. 

Creating an Assignment using Kami and Schoology

1. Ensure the Kami Extension is installed in Chrome. You should see the blue K icon showing at the top right of your Chrome Window - if its not there, go to the Chrome Web Store to install the extension. 

2. In Schoology, browse to your course and choose Add Materials -> Add Assignment

3. Choose 'Kami' under the Assign From App section

4. Choose a file from your Google Drive, or upload one using the 'Upload' tab. You can select a PDF file, or a different file type which Kami supports for conversion, e.g. Image Files, Word, Powerpoint, and many other formats.

5. Finish creating the assignment in Schoology as you normally would

Opening Assignments and Turning In (For Students)

Students find assignments as they normally would in Schoology, and when they click on one, there will be a new 'Complete Kami Assignment' button:

  • When Students click that button, Kami will open and load the file. The File will be automatically uploaded to the Student's Google Drive, and also shared with the teacher's Google account, so they they can view the work in progress.
  • Note:  If the students come back to Schoology later and click the 'Open Assignment' button again, they will get the same copy of the file so they can continue their work. Students can also open the file with Kami directly from their Google Drive, and continue their work or turn in that way.
  • Once the student has finished their work on the assignment, they can click the 'Turn In' button at the top right inside Kami:

  • This will export the document with their changes, and return them to Schoology, where they can simply click 'Submit' to complete the submission:

The file is now attached as a normal Schoology assignment submission, and you can mark it and assign grades using the usual Schoology tools.

Sora App

With Sora, students and staff can access a large collection of ebooks and audiobooks for independent, recreational, or teacher-assigned reading. Students can read or listen to these books using a Chromebook, desktop computer, or personal mobile deviceRelated image

Getting Started

1. Go to https://soraapp.com using a web browser on any computer or device. (If you are using an Android or Apple mobile device you can also install the Sora app from your device’s app store.)

2. Search for Hanover High School (which is part of New Hampshire Schools Shared Digital Collection)

3. Enter the username (firstnamelastname) and password that you use to log in to school computers.

4. Click the Explore tab to search for and borrow a book. Your book will open so you can start reading or listening right away.