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Staff Technology Resources

This page is a temporary landing zone for resources related to HHS staff technology use.

Staff Resources

Acceptable Use Guideline

All staff, volunteers, and users must follow the SAU70 Acceptable Use Guideline which provides limitations on Network Use. The guideline is updated annually and approved by the Superintendent of Schools and the Board. It is within the jurisdiction of the Superintendent to approve changes to the guideline at any time. To see the full guideline, click here (coming 9/1/2019).

Because the guideline is rather complicated and can often be confusing given the diverse circumstances to which it is applied, a FAQ (coming 9/1/2019) has been developed to guide practice.


PowerSchool is the Student Information System (SIS) employed by SAU 70 to manage student information. This includes everything from student demographics to grades and assignments. Parents can use a portal to see student attendance, schedules, grades, and report cards for their students. Please refer to the Handbook for specifics regarding grading policies at Hanover High School.

All staff help documents for powerschool can be found in Schoology in the Staff Professional Development Course, please contact the helpdesk if you are not a member, but would like to be!


Schoology is the Learning Management System (LMS) used by Hanover High School to share and collect materials related to instruction. It is the only approved LMS for use. Teachers are expected to post assignments to this platform such that students and those associated with their performance can view assignments and due dates. For more information, refer to the staff handbook.

Schoology may be logged into using one's Google credentials here.

All help files are located in a schoology course called Staff Professional Development. Please contact the helpdesk if you need access to this course.

Digital Resources

Digital Resources refer to any applications, extensions, online accounts, or add-ons that a staff member uses on the Network. NH legislation requires that all digital resources be contained in an Inventory and vetted for compliance with NH, Federal, and local regulations. For this reason, all digital resource applications must be approved for use by the building tech committee.

Digital Resources requests should be submitted by the following dates:

  • June 14th for the following school year
  • The second Friday of Q1
  • The last day of Q1
  • The last day of Q2

The following general resources are used site wide for student and staff use:

Digital EditingAdobe Creative CloudLab and Cart Devices; Staff Devices
Internet BrowserGoogle ChromeAll Devices
Resource & Inventory ManagementFollet & Follet DestinyCloud Based
SecurityGo GuardianCloud Based
PDF EditingKamiChrome App
SISPowerSchoolCloud Accessed
ProductivityMicrosoft Office SuiteLab and Cart Devices; Staff Devices

ProductivityGAFECloud Based
Print ManagementPapercutCloud Based, Lab and Cart Devices; Staff Devices

AccessibilityRead, Write ChromeCloud Based; Chrome App

Learning Management SystemSchoologyCloud Based
Video EditingWeVideoCloud Based
MappingArcGISCloud Based
CitationNoodle ToolsCloud Based


OverdriveCloud Based
Post Secondary PlanningNavianceCloud Based
ResearchSalem Press, Grey House Publishing, various single subscriptionsCloud Based
Athletic ManagementBig TeamsCloud Based

Digital Resource Request Process

The process begins by viewing the Inventory of Resources in use. If a resource is not listed, staff may request it using this form. In order to vet the request, the tech committee needs information related to the resource such as the privacy policy, terms of service, URL, and number of students.

The tech committee will meet at the beginning of the year and quarterly there after to review requests. For the 2019-2020 school year, the committee will focus on compliance with legal and technical specifications. For the 2020-2021 school year, the committee will standardize and align resource requests with district, school, and departmental goals.

Digital Resources will be classified by the following categories:

  • Supported: The tech department will deploy, integrate, maintain, support and train users on the resource.
  • Approved: The tech department will deploy and support the resource, but staff is responsible for user maintenance, implementation, and training users.
  • Approved with Caution: The same as approved, however there are stipulations as to how the resource is used in order to comply with requirements.
  • Not Approved: The resource did not meet either the technical or legal specifications for use at HHS.
  • Discontinued: The resource was discontinued through staff decision and may need to be re-vetted.
  • Pending: The resource is in the vetting process.

Digital Resource Legal Requirements

The following items should be considered when requesting resources:

    • NH Title XV prohibits the use of digital resources by students which use targeted advertising based upon a user's profile
    • NH Title XV prohibits the sale, exchange, rental, or transfer of non directory information to third parties
    • FERPA requires that all resources that collect information of educational record (projects, quiz results, writing samples, PII, etc) be compliant with FERPA. In many cases a legal agreement will need to be in place with the vendor.
    • Resources are required to be GDPR compliant when used by a student or staff member of EU citizenship
    • ADA compliance should be considered in all instructional environments; ADA compliance is mandated for all public audience.
    • Resources used by students under age 13 must be COPPA compliant.
    • Surveys and student questionnaires are subject to PPRA.

Digital Resource Technical Requirements

Technical requirements include both security requirements and compatibility with our systems. The following considerations should be considered when requesting a digital resource:

    • Resources must be compatible with Chromebooks OR the device on which it will be deployed. Please consider that we have students who use a wide variety of devices for accessibility purposes. Resources must be compatible on all types of devices that the students in the instructional group use.
    • Resources that require automatic subscription renewal are not allowed due to problems associated with billing.
    • When obtaining a new resources, time to deploy and manage the resource can be a constraint. This varies from resource to resource.
    • Resources that require an LTI, API, or other integration with an existing platform must be approved by the District Tech Director.
    • Resources that require SSO through Google, must be approved for all audiences (PK-12) by the District Tech Director.

Student Privacy Resources for Educators

Staff Cybersecurity (in progress)

Teens and Technology (in progress)