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What do I do if I forget my password?

If you forget your password, the tech department can reset it for you. We do not send passwords by email, so students must stop by the lab to obtain their email and portal passwords.

How do I access the guest network?

Hanover HS provides a guest wifi connection for visitors to our facility. Request for access may be made by stopping by the Upper Lab helpdesk or by sending a request to helpdesk@hanovernorwichschools.org. All guest users must have a staff member as a sponsor. Currently, we do not maintain wifi access for the general public.

I've been locked out of my portal account, what do I do?

Similar to forgetting your password, your portal account can be reset. Please email helpdesk@hanovernorwichschools.org or stop by the upper lab.

I can't log into Schoology, can you help?

Schoology utilizes single sign on with Google. That means, you must be logged in to Google in order to access Schoology. Students should use this link to access their Hanover account.

How is my student's internet activity monitored?

Hanover HS uses a variety of tools to monitor student activity. In addition, students are encouraged to use self monitoring software to develop awareness of their own Internet habits. Parents and guardians who have concerns about their child's online activities are encouraged to contact the tech coordinator via the helpdesk.

Can I use my personal device on school wifi?

Yes! Students may use the students-personal wifi using their network login credentials. All devices and users must comply the AUP and all devices on this network are subject to the same rules and guidelines as school devices.

How do I print?

Printers are maintained in the library, Upper Lab, and in many subject specific resource rooms. Student printing is managed through Papercut and is accessible using their student login credentials via the Papercut website. To use Papercut, all printed documents must be in a PDF format. Students may direct print to the black and white printers from the lab computers. Color printing requires the use of Papercut on all devices.

For device specific instructions, click here.

My projector is not displaying what is on my screen.

You need to mirror your displays. With your computer connected to the projector...

  1. Open your system preferences
  2. Choose 'displays'
  3. You need to be connected to your projector to see all of these options. Choose "Arrangement" and the click the "Mirror Displays" box. Now what you see on the projector screen should match your computer screen.

  4. Play around with the settings in the next window (Best for display and scaled) to change how your screen looks on the projector screen. Right now, it appears that many projectors screens are not being filled. If that is a major concern we can look into it. When you change these display settings, the way your computer screen may also change (you may see black edges to your screen)--do not worry it will go back to normal when you unplug your VGA cable. To get out of this screen press "esc" (escape) or close the box behind this window.