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1:1 Chromebook Initiative

Beginning in the 2017-2018 school year, all students at Hanover HS will be provided a Chromebook for use in their classes. It is the school's belief that both students and staff will benefit from a common learning platform. Below are some of the commonly asked questions regarding our 1:1 Chromebook Initiative.


What is a Chromebook?

A Chromebook is a personal computer running the Chrome OS as its operating system. The devices are designed to primarily be used while connected to the Internet and support applications that reside on the Web, rather than traditional applications that reside on the machine itself.

When do students get their Chromebook?

Chromebooks are provided during the first week of school. Everyone gets their Chromebook at common ground on the first day of school.

Do students have to use a Chromebook?

The intent for our 1:1 initiative is to provide a common experience for all students. While it is not prohibited to bring your own device, we do not provide support for personal devices. Our staff designs instruction with the assumption that all students will be using a Chromebook to complete assignments.

Can students take their Chromebook home?

Yes! However, students must have a signed Chromebook agreement on file. Students are responsible for bringing their Chromebook to school, fully charged, each day. While not required, we recommend transporting your Chromebook in a padded sleeve or protective pouch in your backpack.

Update! In 2018, the Chromebook agreement went digital! Students were asked to agree to the terms via email.

What if a Chromebook is damaged?

Students are responsible for all damage to their Chromebook. If your Chromebook becomes damaged, it should be returned to the helpdesk for repair. In most cases, repairs can be completed on the same day. If not, a loaner will be provided in the interim.

When do students have to pay for damage?

Beginning in the 2017-2018 year, all students will receive district insurance for some damage. Each device will receive either a screen replacement or a charger replacement at no cost to the student. Beyond these two situations, any damage not covered by the factory warranty will be charged to students. For Chromebooks that sustain damage beyond what can be repaired, the maximum cost of a replacement device will be charged ($250). Fees are listed in the PowerSchool Portal and must be paid by the end of the school year.

Is student activity monitored?

All Hanover HS student activity on Chromebooks is monitored through GoGuardian. Student usage reports are available by request of the Tech Coordinator by emailing helpdesk@hanovernorwichschools.org.

What if a student forgets their Chromebook?

Your Chromebook is considered to be a tool for learning. If you forget it, like homework, you will miss out on important classroom opportunities. We provide loaner devices if you forget your Chromebook which can be checked out for the day only in the upper lab.

I forgot to charge my Chromebook, what can I do?

The tech department maintains common charging stations in the Upper Lab and the Library for Chromebooks, phones, and laptops. While you are welcome to use these at any time, we do not recommend leaving your device unsupervised.

As per our policy, we do not lend charging cables.

What do I do if I have lost my Chromebook?

The first place to look is the Upper Lab. Most people return missing devices to the helpdesk if they are found. We also recommend checking classrooms and the lost and found by the Cafe. In some cases, GoGuardian can be used to locate a device or report where it was last used.

How do I request a Chrome app or extension?

Students and staff may request apps and extension by completing this form. Request are review for applicability to instructional goals. Apps and/or extensions that create a safety or security concern to will not be approved.

How do I work with my docs offline?

Please refer to this link for instructions on how to work on your docs while not connected to the Internet.