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The K-12 technology integration team view technology as a means to acquire knowledge, utilize skills, problem-solve, demonstrate and communicate and think in different ways. Our goal is to promote and support students in attaining valuable technological skills while maintaining and promoting positive digital citizenship. We challenge our learning community to use technology in flexible and innovative ways and to understand and respect the moral and ethical issues related to technology.

The team recognizes that technology is integral to learning and educating today's children for success in the global community and fully supports the access of these electronic resources by students and staff. The K12 team seeks to attain balance among the criteria necessary to meet our goals. The critical elements include: empowering leadership; engaging the community; providing implementation planning, technical support and ongoing professional development; managing consistent and adequate funding; supporting equitable access, a curriculum framework, assessment and evaluation, policies, external entities, and student centered learning (ISTE).

Technology Initiatives and Programs


The tech department staffs a helpdesk from 7:30-3:30 while school is in session. Inquirys can be made in person, by calling (603)643-3134 ext. 2511, or by emailing helpdesk@hanovernorwichschools.org. For answers to frequently asked questions, please see out FAQs page.

Chromebook 1:1 Initiative

As of the 2017-2018 school year, all students will be provided a Chromebook to support their classroom experience. For more information on this program, please visit the 1:1 Chromebook Initiative page.


The K-12 technology integration team has adopted the 2017 ISTE Standards in conjunction with state requirements for K-12 to guide our instruction. To this end, we prepare students to become:

  • empowered learners
  • digital citizens,
  • knowledge constructors,
  • innovative designers,
  • computational thinkers,
  • creative communicators, and
  • global collaborators.

Computer Labs

Lab SpacePrimary FunctionTechnology Use
Design Lab (021)A maker space for science and technology coursesiMac desktops, iPad Pros, 3D Printing,

Upper Lab (237)Helpdesk, large group instruction, color and black & white printing, device repair, charging stations, small group workspaceiMac desktops, projection capabilities, repair station, printing hub
Mobile Labs(5)Deploys to classrooms for student useMacBook Pros (12)
Mobile Lab(1)Deploys to classrooms for student use

MacBook Airs (12)
Mobile Lab (2)Deploys to classrooms, labs, and field trips for student useiPad

Media and Peripherals

A wide array of digital tools are available for use or sign out for both staff and students. These include flash drives, cameras, audio recording and projection equiptment, cables, document scanners, and various media. Please inquire at the helpdesk. Overnight use requires students to have a signed media borrowing form on file in the library.

Senior Tech Portfolio

All graduating students are required to show completion of the NH technology standards. Seniors may complete this requirement by completing the tech portfolio in physics and real world physics, successful completion of a computer/technology course, personal finance, or probability and statistics, or by completing an independent senior tech portfolio, the later of which earns 0.5 credits towards graduation.

Powerschool (SIS)

PowerSchool is the student information system used by SAU70 to store and manage student information. It is the grade book of record and the program that provides current grades, schedules, report cards, transcripts, annual state reporting, contact information, demographics, and student enrollment data.

Contact, permission and health data should be updated annually at the beginning of each school year by accessing Infosnap on the Parent PowerSchool Portal.

New students enrolling prior to the start of a school year, must complete a preregistration form prior to completing the annual update in PowerSchool.

Schoology (LMS)

Hanover High School and Richmond Middle School have selected Schoology as the learning management system (LMS). Schoology provides a common platform for students to receive digital content and submit paperless assignments. The 2018-19 school year represents the third year of implementation at HHS where staff will begin to utilize some of the more advanced features available for instruction. These include quizzes, standards-based instruction, and discussion forums. In 2018-2019, all teachers will list assignments in Schoology through the calendar or embedded document.

Schoology also serves as the primary communication tool for student groups via updates, forums, content storage, and calendars. Parents and guardians can access student Schoology accounts with a school issued access code. These codes are provided upon enrollment in mid September.

Only students who are actively enrolled in PowerSchool have access to Schoology. Students who are unenrolled for any reason, can not access Schoology.

Google Apps for Education (GAFE)

SAU70 is a participant in Google Apps for Education which allows us to manage our domain through the GSuite interface. GSuite also allows for single sign on (SSO) with a number of partner applications used in instruction. Students keep their Google accounts until July following graduation. All other accounts are suspended when a student un-enrolls from the district. In special circumstances where an unenrollment is only temporary, such as study abroad, a student may request to keep their account open so that they may be apprised of events occurring in their absence.


Naviance is college and career readiness tool provided to students at Hanover HS. Students begin to familiarize themselves with the tools contained within during their sophomore year. Throughout their high school tenure, students increase their use of Naviance to manage and meet their personal future goals. Naviance is used exclusively during their senior year to manage college applications.

Acceptable Use Policy

Beginning in the fall of 2018,  students and staff must agree to the terms provided in the AUP annually. Please click here to view the current student and guest AUP.

Community Corner

Technology is always changing! The tech department at HHS engage in continuous professional development to stay apprised of national, state, and local trends and requirements  that inform our day to day operations. We also recognize that we can not do this alone! Our new Community Corner serves to facilitate communication regarding our students unique needs.