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Foreign Language

Our Program

Students at Hanover High School can broaden their horizons and become more aware citizens of the United States and the world through regular contact with a language and culture markedly different from their own. If the understanding among citizens from different countries of the world depends upon the quality and genuineness of communication between individuals of different nations, then it stands to reason that language learning by young people will serve to strengthen the bonds between countries and enrich the lives of the learners.

The continuing objective of the language program at the high school is to provide the best possible preparation for all students as individuals. Their personal goals, abilities and aspirations, and the expectations of their parents and the entire community, guide the nature of the language offerings. To this end, the department offers four years of French, German, Latin, and Spanish. The immediate goal for each student is the acquisition of basic language skills. Our teachers attempt to create a sense of enthusiasm for the language, to instill in our students a feeling of joy at their accomplishments, and to provide the basis for a rich sharing of aesthetic and intellectual experiences with other people throughout their lives.

German, French, and Spanish classes emphasize language as a means of verbal communication through practice in speaking and listening, and also offer extensive development in reading and writing. Latin classes emphasize language as a means of exploring the ancient world and of investigating its abundant connections to the modern one. In addition, students of both the modern and the classical languages also become acquainted with the geography, history, literature and art of a particular people. Periodic cultural trips are offered to France, Quebec, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy and other sites around the Mediterranean, Spain, and Latin American countries.

Students in our courses are advised on course selection by their current language teacher who must approve their course registration sheet. Students not currently taking a foreign language should see the department coordinator. Students who would like to consider the Advanced Placement option for French, German, Latin, or Spanish, please refer to the Advanced Placement opportunities section of this handbook.