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Forms and Checklists

Need-Based Scholarship Application

Need-Based Scholarship Application

A limited amount of funds for scholarships are available. Please consider carefully the scholarship requirements and apply only if there is a financial need. We emphasize this point because March Intensive scholarships are intended for students who have significant need and would otherwise not be able to participate in a course. Please make sure that it is financial need and not financial choices/priorities that are determining your application for scholarship.

You may make a copy of this document and share the completed form to marchintensive@hanovernorwichschools.org or you may print off and handwritten on this form and place in one of Mr. Prince’s mailboxes at school. Please submit this form by Monday, November 26, 2018.

Volunteer Application and Approval Form

Volunteer Application and Approval Form

Anyone who is driving students in a private vehicle, including employees of the Dresden School District, must complete this form.
Anyone involved in your course who is helping you lead and is not an employee of the Dresden School District must complete this form.

Field Trip Permission Forms

Field Trip Permission Form

This forms needs to be completed for each student for any MI that will be traveling off campus, except for overnight trips. If you are traveling to multiple locations on multiple days, please write that onto your form instead of having multiple forms for each location/day.

Permission to Travel with Minors

Permission to Travel with Minors Form
This form is needed for students on any foreign travel trip.

Independent March Intensive Application

There are a limited number of Independent Study slots available. Students interested in an Independent March Intensive must complete an application. Applications for Independent March Intensives must be turned in by Monday, October 29 by 8:00 AM.