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Social Studies

Hanover High School's democratic school philosophy is supported though the Social Studies curriculum and the three required Social Studies courses: Citizenship and World History, United States History/U.S. History Survey, Contemporary History/Contemporary American History Survey, and Geopolitics/Global Studies.
Through readings, listening, viewing, thinking, writing, researching and discussing, Social Studies students develop and evolve the knowledge, skills and attitudes for effective citizenship. Through documents, students work to substantiate their opinions with documentary evidence, learn to see patterns in history and make connections to current events.

Course Descriptions

Social Studies Department Course Descriptions

Department Members

Timothy Berube

Social Studies Teacher

Margaret Caldwell

Social Studies and English Teacher

Pamala Custer

Social Studies Teacher

Teresa Drelick

Social Studies Ed Assistant

Amy Eberhardt

English & Social Studies Teacher

Jonathan Gentine

Social Studies Teacher

James Mills

Social Studies Teacher

William Murphy

Social Studies Teacher

Elizabeth Murray

Social Studies Teacher

Matthew Prince

Social Studies Teacher

Colin Tindall

Social Studies Teacher
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