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The Counseling Office is pleased to welcome families and students to Hanover High School. We are here to help by working with academic issues, educational and career planning, as well as personal concerns.  We look forward to working with you as you move through high school and begin planning for a career, school courses, or college applications. We firmly believe that high school students can be trusted to make important decisions about managing their school lives and can learn to act responsibly and maturely by having the opportunity to make their own decisions. We are also here to support you through times when things seem overwhelming and stressful. Please stop by to say hello. During busy times, you may have to make an appointment. Be sure to tell the receptionist if it is an emergency.

Book an appointment with one of our School Counseling Team members

Tom Eberhardt  Laurie Harrington
Wendy Kares Elizabeth Keene
Chris Seibel Kyle Storey
Devon Voake Sara Gendal-Wilmot


Carol Ahern

Titles: English & Counseling Department Ed Assistant

Sally Ameden

Titles: Registrar

Tom Eberhardt

Titles: 10th-12th grade - Director of Counseling

Sara Gendal-Wilmot

Titles: 9th-Grade School Counselor/Study Strategies Teacher

Laurie Harrington

Titles: 10th - 12th - School Counselor

Wendy Kares

Titles: 10th - 12th grade - School Counselor

Elizabeth Keene

Titles: 9th grade - School Counselor

Christopher Seibel

Titles: School Clinician

Kyle Storey

Titles: 10-12th Grade School Counselor

Devon Voake

Titles: School Clinician