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Hanover High School's diverse course offerings and numerous extracurricular activities allow students to explore their own interests and develop skills in many fields."--HHS Graduate

Teacher in wood shop showing two students how to sand glued together cutting boards.

Hanover High School offers a breadth of course offerings. In addition to our core curriculum, we offer numerous elective courses in every department. Students are required to take: A minimum of 20 credits are required for graduation as follows:

Required Subjects Credits
English 4 credits
Mathematics 3 credits*
Social Studies required courses 3 credits **
Physical Sciences 1 credit
Biological Sciences 1 credit
Physical Education 1 credit
Health 1/2 credit
Fine/Practical Arts (1/2 must be fine arts) 1 credit
Information and Communications Technologies 1/2 credit course or portfolio***
Open Electives 5 credits (see below for more information
For specific, detailed information about courses offerings, course progression and curriculum, visit individual department pages. For more information about academic planning, please visit the Counseling page.