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Nick Beard Opinion Board 2021

Passed by The Council, Spring, 1992

Amended October 13, 2000

Purpose: To give teachers, students, parents and the community a place to share their opinions with the school community.

Location/Description: The opinion board will be placed centrally in the school.

Guidelines: The guidelines for the board will be as follows — (1) all opinions must be signed on the front of the submission and (2) all opinions must be in good taste (no profanity or personal attacks). Submissions must be of reasonable size to permit a variety of opinions to be displayed. These guidelines will be posted next to the opinion board.

Procedure: Anyone submitting an opinion may request that The Council place the issue discussed in the opinion on a future Council agenda. The opinions will be reviewed by the Guidelines Committee, a subcommittee of The Council. The Guidelines Committee will be composed of two students and one faculty member of The Council. Interested members may submit their names to the Moderator who will select the committee members. The committee’s responsibility will be to check that the submissions meet the two guidelines and to bring to The Council opinions (1) which the writer of the opinion has asked to have placed on The Council’s agenda and (2) which the Opinion Board Committee feels need The Council’s attention. Rejected submissions will be returned to the community member for resubmission. In the event of a controversy, the opinion will be submitted to J-Comm for a final ruling to ensure that the opinion is within the guidelines.

The opinions will be posted every Friday for a period of two weeks, and at the end of that time, if the person wishes to keep his or opinion posted that person must resubmit it. An online opinion board, established by the HHS technology coordinator, exists in parallel with the hall board as a virtual representation. Opinions to be submitted to the online board must follow the guidelines identified above.