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Media Center / Library 2021

Student Hours:
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday: 7:30AM-4:00PM
Friday: 7:30AM-3:30PM
Wednesday: 7:30AM-2:30PM
Staff Hours:
Staff may use the library after 4:00 while the academic wing of the building is being cleaned. No students should be in the library space when a library staff member is not present. 

The Hanover High School Library's primary purpose is to support and enhance the instructional program of the school. It serves as the focal point for all types of resources, print and electronic, in-house and online, and is the place where students can expect to receive help locating and using information. Students are encouraged to ask questions regarding their research, as well as their leisure reading needs, and to make suggestions for materials they would like the Library to purchase.

Student Expectations
The Media Center should be thought of as an environment where students are able to study, do research, and read. Students may use the main area and classroom areas of the library for quiet study and browsing only whenever classes aren't scheduled into them. The level of noise should not make it difficult for other students or the staff to do their work.
Students who need a place to participate in a virtual class or meeting, need to record or prepare for an oral presentation may ask the library staff for access to the former silent study room or a conference room or office.
The staff assumes that students will behave thoughtfully and responsibly while in the library. Any student whose behavior infringes on the rights of others to work in a quiet and purposeful environment may be asked to leave the library. This behavior includes, but is not limited to: speaking loudly, shouting across the room, playing music or video audio without headphones, or playing video games in a group.
The staff assumes that students will follow the COVID-19 safety protocols while in the the library. Any student who does not follow the COVID-19 safety protocols will be asked to leave the library. This behavior includes: not wearing a mask, eating, not signing into the space, not cleaning one's space, moving chairs, not maintaining physical distance (i.e. standing in groups), and leaving belongings unattended.
Free Periods
The capacity of the library is set at 60 people at any given time. Students must sign into the space and into their seat for contact tracing. 
Remote Wednesdays
On Remote Wednesdays, the library will be available for students who have internet or transportation issues (i.e. a bus rider who has an after school extracurricular commitment). Students must sign-up at the library by 3:00 Tuesday.

Media Center Resources
The resources available in the library are a necessary and integral part of the life of the Hanover High School community, therefore, everyone needs to be responsible for keeping the resources in good condition and easily available for use. Borrowers need to sign out what they use and return it, in good condition, at the specified time. Most library resources may be signed out on either an overnight or a bi-weekly basis. Detailed circulation policies are posted on the library website. All resources should be returned promptly by the due date. Students are expected to be responsible for and thoughtful about the materials they use or borrow. When several sections of a course or several courses are given research assignments in the library, students are expected to act fairly and with respect for each other’s right to access needed materials and pursue their work at all times. The library staff may use several avenues to ensure that materials borrowed are returned, including loss of borrowing privileges until overdue materials are returned.

Confidentiality of Library User Records
The Hanover High School Media Center complies with the New Hampshire Library Records Confidentiality Law (HB 36) passed on July 21, 1989. “This act...protects the confidentiality of library user records. Library user records include library, information system, and archival records related to the circulation and use of library materials and services. These records are confidential and shall not be disclosed without the consent of the user or pursuant to subpoena or court order.”

Briefly, the law means that the Media Center staff cannot legally tell anyone what materials another patron has borrowed. Students or staff who wish to borrow materials signed out by another patron will not be told who has the material; a member of the Media Center staff will attempt to obtain the needed material for the borrower.

Overdue notices
Overdue notices are emailed to students each semester. The library doesn't charge fines for overdue materials, however, students will be billed for the replacement cost of the material at the end of each semester. Access to other library materials may be restricted until the bill is paid or the materials returned.

Other Libraries

Dartmouth Libraries
Baker Library is located across the green from Hopkins Center. Hanover High School junior and senior students are permitted use of library research facilities at Dartmouth College only after they have exhausted resources at the High School and Town Libraries and, through the high school, the State Library. To be permitted use of Dartmouth Libraries, a student must pick up an official permit from the High School Librarian. Students enrolled in Dartmouth College courses will receive their permits through the mail. Unless the student is enrolled in a Dartmouth Course, only one nonrenewable, two-week permit per student per year is allowed.

Howe Library
The Howe Library is located on East South Street in Hanover and is an attractive space for doing schoolwork and for reading. Students living in Hanover and Norwich are eligible for a library card at no cost. The school purchases cards for tuition students so that all students may use the library at no cost. To obtain a card, a student should go to the main desk at Howe.

Hanover High School will assist Howe Library with collecting fines from tuition students for overdue materials since use of the library has been arranged through the school. In these cases outstanding Howe Library bills will become a financial obligation to the school if Howe is unable to collect monies for overdue or lost materials.