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COVID-19 Protocols

Facial Covering

All staff/students are required to wear face masks (without expiratory valves) while in the building, as well as outside where physical distancing cannot be maintained. Students and staff are expected to bring their own clean masks daily to school.
Face masks or disposable masks must meet current appearance policy. Masks with images or language depicting or advocating violence or the use of alcohol or drugs images or language that creates a hostile or intimidating environment in any protected class are not appropriate. 

If a student’s mask does not meet our appearance policy a new mask will be provided for the student to wear. A staff member can tell the student, “I feel that your mask is prohibited by our dress code” and enforce consequences according to the Hanover High School Code of Conduct. 

If a student disagrees with the enforcement of the dress code by a staff member, they can discuss their dress with the Associate Principals. 

Physical Distancing

Students are expected to maintain a minimum 3 feet physical distance throughout the school building including classrooms, hallways, common spaces and outside on school grounds. Adults in the building should observe 6 feet physical distancing with other adults throughout the building. When eating, students are expected to maintain a minimum 6 feet physical distance. 

Group Precautions

Student groupings are not to exceed the maximum number of people identified in state guidelines; this includes students and staff (i.e. if 25 people are not allowed to gather in one area then no more than 25 people can be in one room) updated August 21, 2020

Hand washing

Hanover High School community members should build multiple times for hand washing into their school day. While all spaces will be provided with hand sanitizer, it is not a replacement for good hand washing etiquette which includes washing your hands after using the restroom and before eating with soap and water for 20 seconds. All students and staff are expected to practice effective hand hygiene through out the day.