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Remote Learning Academy


Families can choose to learn exclusively online for the remote learning option. Students participating in this option will not be participating in school in person. Students will learn from home in a separate online classroom with other Remote Learning students and a digital classroom teacher. Students will remain in the remote learning academy for the semester regardless of whether in-person learning continues or we transition to state-mandated remote learning. Students are expected to attend 5 days a week. Attendance expectations include daily Zoom meeting with the remote learning class and check-ins on virtual platforms. 


Calendar and Daily Schedule
The school calendar and daily schedule will be the same for both the remote learning program and in-person program. Any changes in calendar or schedule will apply to both programs.

Attendance must be taken every period/day the class is scheduled to be in session. Attendance will be checked and maintained in the HHS Main Office. 

Length of Instruction
Students will be required to log in for synchronous instruction at the beginning of each period.
The length of instructional time could vary based on the teacher’s lesson plan for any given day. 

Remote Advisory
Students will be required to “check-in” with their advisor each day, similar to the in-person program. The remote learning program advisory will mirror the in-person advisory program and students will have the opportunity to take a break and eat lunch. An advisory program lesson will be delivered every Tuesday through an extended advisory time. Attendance will be taken in advisory each day. 

Remote Study Hall/School Business Time
Students will be required to check in with their advisor during each study hall.
Attendance must be taken for study hall/school business time. Students are not required to attend the entire length of study hall/school business time, however remote teachers will be available during this time for questions and should post in their Schoology courses how they prefer to be reached during this time. 

Remote Course Policies
The HHS Handbook Academic Policies that govern in-person classes apply to remote courses, i.e. Schoology postings, course expectations, grading, paper policies, etc. 

Grades updates and grading periods are the same as in-person grading policies. 

Code of Quiet
The HHS Handbook Code of Quiet policies also apply to remote teachers and learners. 

Honor Code
Honor Code policies apply to remote learners. Any honor code violations will be handled by the Associate Principals via Zoom.