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Course Evaluation

Mandatory Course Evaluations:
Passed 02/27/2009

Teachers are required to administer mid-course and end of course evaluations. Semester long course evaluations should be done at the end of each quarter. The Curriculum Committee of the Council is responsible for verifying that evaluations are administered. For more information see the Course Evaluation Survey Report.

Course Concerns
To Register a Concern with a Course or Evaluation:
Passed 05/06/2015

When issues emerge, Council encourages the student to first speak with the teacher. If there is no resolution, the student should contact the teacher’s supervisor (if applicable). If there is still no resolution, then Council provides this recourse:

If a student wishes to register a concern, then the student must do so in writing (typed or handwritten, but printed and signed) to a Curriculum Committee member of Council or submit the Course Concern Form. The Curriculum Committee will then notify the following persons about this concern: the teacher, the teacher’s supervisor (if applicable), the principal. The Curriculum Committee will remove the student’s name from the letter unless otherwise requested by the student. The Curriculum Committee will give the letter to the principal. The Curriculum Committee will keep no permanent records of the concern. The Curriculum Committee respectfully requests that, insofar as possible in keeping with the teacher’s privacy rights, the teacher’s supervisor or the principal inform the committee of any action taken so that the Curriculum Committee can provide feedback to the student.