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Resource Centers & Common Areas

Resource Centers are areas in the school where students can go during their unscheduled time. Teachers are often available in the resource centers or in nearby classrooms or offices during their unscheduled time to meet with students.

Rules for student behavior in common areas:

  • Students sit only on the furniture- not the trashcans, windowsills, heaters, floors, or steps in the way that blocks passage.
  • Book bags should not litter the floor. Students should not leave their book bags in the atrium or other common spaces while doing other things. A book bag left for a long period of time in the atrium or other common space should be brought to the main office.

Bill Cogswell Center for Mathematics (Math Resource Center - MRC)
The Bill Cogswell Center for Mathematics combines an office area with student work areas. The student work areas provide study carrels for silent individual work and test taking and tables for quiet group work. The resource area is staffed by the Math Educational Assistant and Math teachers; all are willing to help students with their questions.

The Counseling Office is an area where students can study, socialize quietly, and use numerous college, financial aid, private school, summer program and alternative learning reference materials. Computers equipped with college and career search programs and Internet access are available.

Computer Labs
Computer labs are located in Rooms 272, the design tech lab, and the Media Center.

Room 272: The "upper lab" area contains Macintosh desktops, charging stations, and the helpdesk. The lab serves both individual users and classes and provides access to software to support instruction. Teachers are requested to schedule class time in the lab at least one week in advance. When classes are not scheduled, the lab is open to individual students on a first-come, first-served basis.

Media Center computers: The media center computers provide access to electronic databases for school-related research; may be used for other projects with permission as space permits. The media center also provides a charging station and a variety of digital tools that can be borrowed through the library system for instructional use.

Design Tech Lab: The design tech lab is located in the basement and provides access to specific software used in technology and design courses. These computers are used in conjunction with scheduled courses and are available to students outside of class with teacher permission only.

Mobile Labs: The tech department maintains several mobile carts for use by teachers in their spaces. Two Ipad sets, and three Macbook laptop carts are available for reservation on a first come, first served basis by staff. Staff are responsible for requesting, obtaining, and returning all devices when finished.

The Computer Lab is considered a quiet work area where individuals are required to respect the rights of others. Specific rules governing behavior will be displayed in the Computer Lab. Individuals are responsible for being aware of and obeying those rules. Failure to do so may result in expulsion from the lab; habitual disregard for the rules may necessitate the loss of the privilege to use the resources of the Computer Lab. As always, students using any computing resources at Hanover High School must adhere to the guidelines described in the school's Acceptable Use Policy.

English Resource Center (ERC)
The English Resource Center serves as the English Department Offices with tutorial help and some student conferences scheduled there. Specific course-related materials, places to use them, and adults to assist are found generally in the Media Center.

Foreign Language Resource Center (FLRC)
The Foreign Language Resource Center is a quiet but not silent study area staffed by an educational assistant. The FLRC may be used for studying independently, working in small groups (four or fewer), or accessing foreign language materials. The educational assistant is available for helping students, monitoring tests, checking out books and materials for instructional projects, and assisting with copying machines.

Industrial Tech Lab
The Tech. Lab is open to all students; the only restrictions are that students:

  • Have something definite to do (i.e., complete plans of a project);
  • Pay for the materials used;
  • Work only when the Labs are open;
  • Not exceed their capabilities concerning use of the Tech. Lab machinery
  • Have received permission before beginning.

A more detailed Open Lab policy is posted in the Tech. Lab.

The Science Resource Center (SRC)
The Science Resource Center is for students to use to study. It is available for tutoring, small group work, and reading scientific magazines. The educational assistant is available for extra help, proctoring tests, photocopying, and preparing presentations. Textbooks and related materials are available.

Social Studies Resource Center (SSRC)
The Social Studies Resource Center will serve as the Social Studies Department Offices with tutorial help and some student conferences scheduled there. Specific course-related materials, places to use them, and adults to assist are generally found in the Media Center.

The Atrium is a singular and special place in the life of Hanover High School. It has evolved to become an informal space where the following can happen:

1. Socializing
2. Doing school work - especially group work
3. Thinking and reflecting
4. Club and group promotion and sale activities
5. Presentation & displays by outside groups & organizations

And in order for these things to happen well, some general expectations should be followed:
1. Watch the level of your noise - vocal and electronic
2. Be cheerful, social and pleasant
3. Clean up your table when you leave - even if it isn't your trash
4. Be an active citizen of the Atrium - keep it special
5. Remember - the Atrium is the first thing visitors to us see - make it good