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Academic Resources

College Representatives
Representatives from colleges and other post -high school programs routinely offer informational sessions to students in the Counseling Office. Seniors may miss a class to attend these meetings as long as they give teachers 24-hour notice. Juniors may miss a class to attend these meetings if they have teacher permission.

Counseling Department
Counseling services are available to students, parents, and faculty. Students are assigned to a counselor according to the first letter of their last name and are encouraged to meet with their counselor when the need arises. Counseling services include assistance in designing meaningful academic programs, dealing with personal and interpersonal concerns, exploring and developing career plans, and planning for college and work.

Permanent Records
A permanent record for every student registered at Hanover High School is maintained in the school’s office. These records indicate the following:

  • Legal name, birth date, place of birth, date of entry, date of withdrawal or graduation, and pertinent statistical information
  • Final grades for the year
  • Attendance for the year (PowerSchool Electronic File)
  • Testing records
  • School health record
These records are sent to the schools and colleges where a student applies. Employers, bankers and business organizations also request transcripts and personal recommendations. A student may see their file by making an appointment with a counselor.

Textbooks and Equipment
Textbooks and equipment are signed out to students. Students must initial a form confirming that they have received the specific materials. Students are held financially responsible for returning these materials in reasonable condition. Students will be billed for lost, stolen, or damaged materials. Students who have outstanding bills will have their portals locked and will not receive their diplomas until the bills are paid. If the book is found after the bill has been paid, then reimbursement will be made up to one year after the original payment.

Dresden Plan
The Dresden Plan is a program organized to work with students whose needs are not being fully met in the regular school program. The services offered by the Dresden Plan are oriented toward experiential learning, the community, and the use of many resources. Services range from Work/Study to alternative credit-earning structure. Ninth and tenth grade students who need additional monitoring and support are also eligible. Any student should be able to find value in the program.
Dresden Plan options and activities are listed in the Program of Studies. For more information on available courses or admission into the program, stop in at the Dresden Plan Office.

Ford Sayre Tutorial Program
All HHS Ford Sayre I and II skiers are eligible to participate in the tutorial program. The program is designed to allow skiers to train under optimum conditions. Participants will attend four morning classes at HHS and be tutored in one subject in the evening. All students who plan to participate in the Ford Sayre Tutorial should notify the Counseling Department by May 1. Program guidelines are available in the Counseling Office.