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Prospective Families

Hanover High School's diverse course offerings and numerous extracurricular activities allow students to explore their own interests and develop skills in many fields.

Hanover High School is located in the Upper Valley, an area of central New Hampshire and Vermont that runs along either side of the Connecticut River. People are drawn to the Upper Valley for its quality of life, beauty, recreational activities, arts and cultural experiences and employment opportunities.
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Residency Requirements

A resident student is defined as any student living on a regular basis with a parent or legal guardian whose residence in Hanover, New Hampshire (see RSA 21:6-e),or any student whose parent or legal guardian resides in Norwich, Vermont (see 16 V.S.A. 1075(a)).
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Sending Schools

Several surrounding Upper Valley towns are either "sending" or "choice" districts. Sending districts are towns that do not have a high school (or in limited cases middle school) of their own. “Choice Districts” are districts where students can choose to go to other towns’ schools. If you live in a Sending District or a Choice District there are different rules for paying the tuition to Hanover High School.
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How will we decide what courses my child will take?

All 9th graders are required to take placement exams. If you are entering HHS after 9th grade, your child may be required to take placement tests in math, science, and foreign languages. The School Counselor will determine this after academic records are reviewed.
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My child is interested in playing a sport, whom do I contact ?

Please contact Mike Jackson, A.D., ext. 2115 for information about joining HHS athletic teams. MORE INFORMATION

My child is interested in participating in theatre, whom do I contact ?

Please contact Amy Good, ext. 2802 for information about joining HHS theatre program. MORE INFORMATION

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