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Supported Learning

Dresden Plan

The Dresden Plan serves students at Hanover High in a variety of ways. Students in need of academic support can request assistance through the Advisor Program. A staff advisor will be assigned to work closely with the student to develop goals, obtain progress reports from teachers and meet regularly with the student to make plans for improving school performance.

The Dresden Plan can also assist students who are talented or who have strong interests in developing academic credit-earning experiences through community mentors, independent study, senior challenge, internships, work/study and volunteer service courses. Learn More about Dresden Plan Courses

Supported Study Courses

Study Skills/Supervised Study is designed for students who want a structured study environment during the school day. Students spend their time in class working on homework, papers, and projects. Computers are available for student use. Students have access to academic support and are encouraged to utilize resources and services throughout the school. Each student meets individually with the teacher weekly to discuss strategies for improved academic performance. Students also learn and experiment with study strategies based on the latest brain research. Some of the skill areas that are covered are goal setting, organization, time-management, memory strategies, note-taking from lectures, test preparation, textbook reading strategies, and listening skills. Students are graded on attendance and punctuality, as well as their level of commitment and productivity.

Supervised Study is designed for students who want a quiet and flexible study environment during the school day. The purpose is to help students complete homework, prepare for tests and practice time management and organizational strategies with adult feedback and guidance. These strategies may include checking in with classroom teachers, collaborating with classmates, accessing school resources, binder/backpack maintenance and other related strategies. Students are graded on punctuality and performance and will receive a pass/fail grade.

Special Education

Courses offered by the Special Education Department are open to any student who has met the special education eligibility criteria of New Hampshire, as determined by the student’s Individualized Education Program (IEP) team. Students moving into the Dresden School District with a current IEP from another district may enroll in Learning Strategies until an eligibility determination has been made.
More information

504 Plan

Students that require a 504 Plan have a diagnosed temporary or permanent physical or mental impairment that substantially limits a major life activity. 504 plans are developed primarily to provide accommodations for a student, while Special Education plans (IEPs) include accommodations, modifications and specially designed instruction and related services. At Hanover High School, 504 plans play an important role in helping students with disabilities access the classroom and the building while helping them become more independent and better self-advocates. More Information

Referred Tutoring

We offer these services to students, primarily ninth graders, who do not have an IEP. We identify students appropriate for the program through standardized testing results and referrals from teachers and guidance counselors. The purpose of the Referred Tutoring program is to help students improve their basic academic skills by supporting and reinforcing classroom instruction. Students meet with a teacher individually or in small groups two or three times a week and focus on reading, writing, math, and study skills.


In order to qualify for ESOL one has to be screened with one of two official ESOL screening tests approved by NH DOE.

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